1/Exhibition or business events

In the years 2020 and 2021, GREENCAP is going to host green business exhibitions at Institute of Technology of Cambodia. Green businesses and green education will be the main targets to share among the audience.
We will update on the website regularly about these events to come and will launch every year a call for participation among our partners and all green business stakeholders interested in the Kingdom.
If you are interested, please contact :

Dr TY Bore Borey
Position: WP 3 Leader, Institute of Technology of Cambodia
Tel: +855 12 395 029.
Email: borey@itc.edu.kh

Educational and Carrier exhibition events have previously been hosted at Institute of Technology of Cambodia every year in December/January. Businesses and educational institute can usually show and share their information/products to audiences, especially to the students. The audiences and students can learn more and sometime get internship opportunities from this event.

The event is conducted within 2 days. Students do their presentation of their research in the first day of the events, which the companies or educational institute can hear and see interesting research topics which they able to collaborate. And the exhibition of business or educational event is inducing in second day of the exhibition events.

2/Workshop and conferences

Education events targeting stakeholders interested in the field of sustainable development and environment will be organised, such as :

  • trainings
  • workshops
  • seminars
  • symposiums
  • conferences.

Greencap is going to provide green course training to lecturer/researchers/business partners to improve green knowledge for enriching sustainable development goal. We will associate professional partners in these trainings when relevant.
Green conferences will be conducted within the year of 2020 and 2021. These conferences will give the opportunity to both students and green business sectors being able to share and find more information to fulfill their needs.
The representative sectors will be able to participate in the jury of green Olympia events where students from high schools and universities will be able to challenge and express their abilities and innovation ideas through.