A series of green course and workshops will be organized within the project duration to tackle the socio-economic issues in Cambodia and ASEAN region. The training session will be organized twice a year by European professors/researchers and will last one week.

The subjects of the training sessions will be set in order to efficiently adapt/change or create new courses and small research projects on green business, and related topics. Trainees will be staff/students from Cambodian partners and associate partners.

These sessions will be open also to staff outside from the consortium. A multi-discipline approach will be used to explore all the dimensions of the topics.  Potential greening course will be defined according to the needs of Cambodian partners for staff capacity building and curricula improvement. Here are some of potential topics for greening courses: green business/entrepreneurship; teaching CSR and Business Ethics; green accounting and product Lifecycle management; circular Economy: tools and methodology; environmental law; cost-benefit-analyses (CBA), supply value chain; etc.