About the project

Introduction to GREENCAP Project

GREENCAP is a project enhancing Green Capacity in higher education institutions (HEI) to foster sustainable development in Cambodia, co-funded by the Erasmus + CBHE (Capacity-Building projects in the field of Higher Education) program of the European Union. This project gathers three European partners, respectively the University of Nantes (France) – international coordinator of the project, the University of Southern Denmark (Denmark) and the University of Vigo (Spain), and four Cambodian partners, namely the Royal University of Law and Economics – local coordinator of the project, the Institute of Technology of Cambodia, the National University of Management and the University of Battambang.

The implementation of GREENCAP has officially started in January 2020. Its main objective are two-fold:

  1. to increase awareness of green business among students, and
  2. to improve student’s employability for existing and future green jobs by the mean of close cooperation between HEI and socio-economic sector.

Particularly, to achieve the main target, the following support objectives are required: 

  • to help to better establish strong links between universities and private sector to give practical insights on course curriculum and research, so that universities can produce skilled manpower as per demand of the private companies; 
  • to help to adopt or create specific courses and diploma (BSc and / MSc) related to green growth given that modernization & internationalization of the courses are urgent need to achieve the Cambodian government NESAP 2016-2023; 
  • to help to promote innovative teaching on green development to increase attractiveness of courses; 
  • to help to increase awareness for green higher education among university and school students; 
  • to help to create a green platform to match students skills and stakeholders needs for green growth and green society.

Project Title: Enhancing green capability in universities to foster sustainable development in Cambodia

  • Project Acronym: GREENCAP 
  • Governance
  • Organizational Set-up and Responsibilities
  • Project Management Board (PMB)

The PMB approves the overall work program for the implementation of the project. They are to ensure the smooth collaboration between the partners of the project and to avoid any conflicts between the partners of GREENCAP. 

The PMB convenes two times a year at major events in programme planning which require management decision. After the COVID-19 pandemic emerges, PMB decides to hold monthly Working Group meeting to reinforce a quality decision-making process.

PMB members are
1TY BoreboreyInstitute of Technology of CambodiaResearcher and Lecturer
2Maria Dolores Garza-GilUniversity of VigoProfessor
3LY SokunthyNational University of ManagementProject Leader
4Dewan AhsanSouthern Denmark UniversityAssociate Professor
5Chea RathaUniversity of BattambangDean
6Laurent MesmannRoyal University of Law and EconomicsSpecial Advisor to the Rector
7Lionel LemialeUniversity of NantesAssociate Professor

Professional Committee (PC)

PC provides guidelines and recommendations to the Project Management Board (PMB). Discussion is focused on academic, practical and research dimensions of HEIs, in the concerned field. 

They help to restructure the Cambodian HEIs curriculum and organizational structure to facilitate the transition to green growth.  The PC is created and chaired by the project Manager or the International coordinator. The PC formally meets once a year.

H.E. E VuthyNational Committee for Sustainable DevelopmentMinistry of Environmenthttps://ncsd.moe.gov.kh/
Nicholas SpencerIbis RiceOrganic Farming – Jasmine Ricehttps://ibisrice.com/
SUM Sokhamphou Phnom Penh City HallGreen city / Urbanisationhttp://phnompenh.gov.kh/
Clarisse Kehler SiebertNexus for Development Financehttps://nexusfordevelopment.org/
Md. Mahfuzur RahmanGlobal Green Growth InstituteSenior Officerhttps://www.greengrowthknowledge.org/organization/global-green-growth-institute-gggi
Sajith EDIRISURIYAChip MongIndustry / Ecocycle Cementhttps://www.chipmong.com/
Andeol CADINEurocham Green Business CommitteeChamber of Commercehttps://www.eurocham-cambodia.org/advocacy/green_business
H.E.  SANN VathanaMOEYS CambodiaUnder Secretary of Statehttp://www.moeys.gov.kh/en/
Ngo NatharounEnergyLab AsiaClean Energyhttps://energylab.asia/
Gilbert PALAOROHappy ChandaraOperations Director – NGO for Women/Girls inclusionhttp://www.happychandarafuture.org/
Bovisal SIMCambodia Green Building CouncilConsultant on Readiness for Green Building
Communication Team

Communication Team consist of staff members from Cambodian HEIs and supervised by the Coordinator. The Communication Team provides internal and external dissemination plan and responsible for project’s outreach to its target public. 

1Soda LYInstitute of Technology of Cambodia
2Nareth CHOUENNational University of Management
3Fazy MANUniversity of Battambang
4Chanthy THENGRoyal University of Law and Economics
5Ria DeniskaUniversity of Nantes
Administrative Team

Administrative Team provides the planning of program and financial, documentation and reporting of results, support audits, monitoring and evaluations, resource mobilization and support during project events.

1LY SodaInstitute of Technology of Cambodia
2Marcos Inigo PerezUniversity of Vigo
3LY SokunthyNational University of Management
4Irene NygaardSouthern Denmark University
5Solida TANUniversity of Battambang
6Laurent MesmannRoyal University of Law and Economics
7Ria DeniskaUniversity of Nantes