ITC / Mobility of Master/PhD Students and Researcher 2022

International Mobility from Cambodia to Europe

To achieve GREENCAP development objective, one of the project’s missions is to encourage and facilitate the international mobility of Cambodian graduate students and researchers associated with the project’s consortium members through research internships and training in European universities.

The purpose of this international mobility is to improve the research capacity of Master/PhD students and researchers and to enhance their capability to develop new courses dedicated to sustainable development, while allowing EU universities to share their experience on new tools and methodology and up to date researches on green business. More importantly, this mobility will allow Cambodian graduate students and researchers to observe the quality European research practice, to expand their networks, to find potential Master/PhD co-supervisors and to create co-authorships with EU researchers.

Cambodian students and researchers will be hosted in the different research units of the EU partner, fully funded for the working period up to 90 days (students) and 30 days (researchers) Students and researchers will be selected for academic years 2022 and 2023.

Please, read carefully the Terms of Reference and apply for one of the 3 European universities in which you would like to be hosted

Full Terms of Reference for Mobility of Master/PhD Students and Researcher  2022 here : PDF file