Waste Summit Cambodia 2023


Waste Summit Cambodia 2023, May 13th at the Factory Phnom Penh 🌎🌳☘️🌏

Meet the Waste Summit’s exhibitors and partners ! Theme: Waste Separation

Following the previous yeards, Erasmus+ Project GREENCAP participated on Waste Summit 2021 and 2022 and again this year.

During the Waste Summit Cambodia 2023, public will be able to meet exhibitors from across the country who are demonstrating their organization’s projects and businesses in pursuing sustainable development in Cambodia.

A total of over 40 NGOs, Start-ups, and businesses representing entrepreneurial and social approaches to innovate the Cambodian waste management system.

Learn more about The Waste Summit Cambodia: www.wastesummitcambodia.com

Agenda: https://wastesummitcambodia.com/agenda/