European Partners

Which European universities are involved and why?

GREENCAP is a unique collaboration between well-known European and Cambodian Higher Education Institutions Partners. In order to fulfill this strategic mission of capacity-building, we relied on a consortium of 3 European universities which have had proven experience working with Cambodian partners, which were specialized or having recognized expertise in the field of sustainable development or environment and which had, in their own academic development, experienced the transition towards more partnerships with the private sector.

Please find below a short description about the 3 European public universities participating to this project


A series of green course and workshops will be organized within the project duration to tackle the socio-economic issues in Cambodia and ASEAN region. The subjects of the training sessions will be set in order to efficiently adapt/change or create new courses and small research projects on green business, and related topics. Trainees will be […]

Erasmus+ Days 2023 Capacity-Building Projects

The National University of Battambang (NUBB) organized Students’ Green Awareness Forum

Nantes Université (NU)

Founded in 1961, its history can be traced back to the University of Brittany established in 1461 by Francis II, Duke of Brittany. Located in a vibrant city of Nantes, the Nantes Université aims to equip the students with the knowledge and skills to succeed in their career and professional project. The Nantes University provides […]

University of Southern Denmark (SDU)

The Department of Environmental and Business Economics, University of Southern Denmark is located on the Esbjerg Campus. In 2016 there are around 50 researchers, of which 7 are Ph.D. students. The core research profile of the Department is focused around analyses of resources from a social, economic and business economic perspective. Resources are defined as […]

University of Vigo (UVIGO)

The University of Vigo (UVIGO) is an institution founded in 1990, which in its short historic run has received significant mentions in the international assessments of Universities (especially those relating to young universities). It has 3 university campuses, with a total of 20.826 students, 1.368 professors and 698 administration and services staff. At present, the […]