Research Project: Sustainable Leather Tanning Industry in Bangladesh

Sustainable Leather Tanning Industry in Bangladesh: Integrating Lean and Institutional Logics into OHS Management (SusLeather)

Funding agency: The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Denmark (MFA) (Project no. 21-M11-SDU)

Total grant and duration: 5 Million DKK (Feb 2022- Jan 2025)

Project leader: Dr. Dewan Ahsan, Department of Sociology, Environmental and Business Economics and Co-head, Danish Center for Risk and Safety Management, University of Southern Denmark, Esbjerg 6700, Denmark


The overarching objective of the SusLeather project is to create new theoretical and empirical knowledge on improvement and sustainment of OHS through the adoption of the integrative institutional logic of Lean in the tannery industry in Bangladesh. The project will be operated jointly by University of Southern Denmark (Dept of Sociology, Environmental and Business Economics and SDU Global Sustainable Production Unit) and Ahsanullah Science and Technology University’s (AUST, Bangladesh) with close cooperation of Bangladeshi tanneries. It is expected that adoption of new innovative practices will contribute to develop awareness and change in OHS practices and behaviors of tannery managers, workers, associations and public authorities for sustaining OHS improvements associated with Lean interventions. The project outcomes will be widely disseminated to the relevant stakeholders (e.g., researchers, practitioners, tannery associations, NGOs, buyers and policy makers) by publishing scientific peer reviewed articles, conference papers, articles in newspapers, national and international conferences and a policy brief.

Contact : Dr. Dewan Ahsan – Southern Denmark University – Associate Professor, Department of Sociology, Environmental and Business Economics, University of Southern Denmark