Stakeholders’ engagement in emergency management—an overview from the Danish offshore wind sector

Dewan Ahsan of the Southern Denmark University

A publication from GREENCAP Project member, Dewan Ahsan of the Southern Denmark University. The article is published from the Proceedings of the 7th International Conference on Risk Analysis and Crisis Response (RACR 2019), October 15-19, 2019, Athens, Greece – Risk Analysis Based on Data and Crisis Response Beyond Knowledge, edited by Chongfu Huang, Zoe S. Nivolianitou.

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Offshore wind sector is a promising source of renewable energy. Denmark is the world first country who initiated to produce energy from offshore wind source. As offshore wind industry is a fast-growing sector, emergency related to occupational health and safety and asset damage is one of the challenging issues for this sector. Therefore, this article focuses to provide an overview on emergency management procedure in offshore wind in Denmark and to identify the role of various key stakeholders in emergency management process.
Ahsan, D. & Pedersen, S., 2020. Stakeholders’ engagement in emergency management: An overview from the Danish offshore wind sector.

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